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These quick questions can help determine if you have reached a point in your organizations maturity where a Risk Management Information System (RMIS) might be a good fit.

Yes, a RMIS might be a good fit.

A RMIS might be a beneficial investment. Your organization’s current system may be more of a hindrance than a help and could be limiting your ability to manage risk effectively. A RMIS application could provide the foundation you need to manage risk, safety, and/or claims at a more strategic level.
Want to learn more on how a RMIS can help you? Check out our RMIS resources >

No, a RMIS might not be a good fit.

Your current system for managing risk, safety, and/or claims is doing its job.
A periodic review of the status will make sure you stay on track as your needs grow and change. Gain additional insights >

1. Do you work with a single insurance carrier or TPA (past and present)?



2. Are your frequency and severity of claims low?



3. Is your risk, safety, and/or claims data easily accessible to whomever, wherever and whenever it’s needed?



4. I am confident in the integrity of our insurance data.



5. Do you have reports that are easy to run and provide enough sophistication?



What we do.

As the RMIS leader, Marsh ClearSight helps you understand and manage your risk so you can reduce your total cost of risk, improve  your organization’s operational performance, and protect its reputation.

How we help.

Manage your risk and improve your bottom line with the industry’s most flexible solution. Learn more about the Marsh ClearSight Platform>


Clearer Data

Aggregate your data across your risk ecosystem into a single platform to allow for real-time access and reporting.


Clearer Analytics

Uncover trends and discover insights to simplify processes, save time, and most importantly, reduce your total cost of risk.


Clearer Collaboration

Bring together all of your key stakeholders and collaborate around your critical issues when and where they happen.

Our platform works across the risk ecosystem for corporations, carriers, and TPAs.

What makes us different.

As the pioneer of RMIS, we know that reducing your total cost of risk requires our unique combination of industry leading software, deep expertise, and actionable solutions. Learn more about us >

Our View

We understand the complexities of your world: cost pressures, siloed stakeholders, outdated processes and technology, multiple brokers and carriers – not to mention the unique risks of your organization.

Our Software

Gain risk, safety, and claim insights like never before. Unmatched data integrity, advanced analytics, benchmarking, and real-time stakeholder collaboration gives you an extraordinary view into your risk.

Our Expertise

We combine the latest technology and analytical capabilities with the broader data and industry expertise of the Marsh & McLennan Companies to give you insights to dynamically manage your risks.

Where should I start?

Now, you have options that give you the best view into your unique risk ecosystem.

Ask yourself these questions:

What are my risks?

You need to accurately identify problems so you can begin to mitigate them. Not knowing your risks compromises your reputation and your bottom line.

Start evaluating your risks here:

Insurance Management >

Risk Identification >

What do I do with my risks?

Identifying trends and underlying issues is the key to reducing risk now and in the future. Retain, transfer, and ultimately, mitigate your risk.

Start mitigating your risks here:

Incident Management >

Risk Mitigation >

How can I manage my risks?

Knowing your risk is not just about managing claims. For a healthy risk ecosystem, it’s about managing your entire risk management process.

Start managing your risks here:

Claims Administration >

Claims Management >

Gain the clearest line of sight into your risks, starting today.

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