Incident Management

Do you need a more efficient way to get incident information to the right people who can do something?
Do employees take too long to report incidents, or worse, you find out about incidents were never reported?
Are you using complicated, paper-based forms or outdated systems?

Get the power you need to solve your incident management and reporting challenges.

How we help.

Quick and accurate incident collection and analysis is essential to reducing risks and improving safety.


Improve Collection

Simplify incident intake process with intuitive entry forms and web-based access.


Reduce Response Time

Speed up response time with real-time access to incident data and  alerts when they occur.


Improve Safety

Identify why incidents are happening and manage plans to prevent them from happening again.

How it works.

Easily record incidents, near misses, and safety hazard across your organization.

Notify stakeholders when an incident is reported and quickly perform a cause analysis to understand why it happened.

Uncover trends, identify problem areas, and prevent future incidents from occurring.

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Which solution is right for you?

Identifying trends and underlying issues is the key to mitigating your risk. Marsh ClearSight provides a flexible solution to make your company safer and more productive.



  • Capture a large volume and variety of incidents
  • Manage multiple locations and parties involved in your incidents
  • Replace a manual data entry process




  • Create and maintain OSHA safety records at your locations
  • Collect accurate investigation data more quickly
  • Improve accuracy and actionable tasks to mitigate your risk over time



Plus PRO

  • Gain insights to predict which incidents will lead to claims and which early intervention actions to take
  • Deliver analysis and action plans to key organizational stakeholders
  • Drive change within your organization


  • Future Release

Apps Within The Incident Management Solution


Ready to see how we can help simplify your risk, safety, and claims?


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