Insurance Management

Do you need better insight into your premiums, upcoming expiring policies, and counter party risk?
Are you unable to quickly answer simple questions about your insurance structure?
Do you know who holds how much of my risk and at what cost?

Protect yourself from potential risk with greater insight and better analysis.

How we help.

Understanding who holds how much of your risk and at what cost is critical to managing your total cost of risk (TCOR) efficiently and cost effectively


Improve Visibility

Connect and see how policies fit together to identify duplication, insurance gaps, and program opportunities.


Ensure Compliance

Evaluate and monitor compliance of vendors, contractors, and other insurable parties.


Optimize Coverage

 Measure your current and historical program effectiveness and run comparisons to other like organizations.

How it works.

Easily consolidate and locate all local and global policies.

Gain insights into your insurance program effectiveness and understand how your programs fit together across brokers and carriers.

Ensure compliance from vendors by automatically validating their certificates of insurance with your requirements.

Benchmark your premiums to other like organizations to see how you measure up.

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Which solution is right for you?

Deep analysis is the first step to evaluating your risk. Marsh ClearSight provides a flexible solution to make your company safer and more productive.


  • Consolidate policy information from multiple tools and systems
  • Reduce the administrative burden of policy data input
  • Connect and see policy data with associated assets




  • Evaluate and monitor vendor, contractor, and other insurable party compliance
  • Understand opportunities and/or impacts of changes in partner insurer situations
  • Easily track and locate certificates of insurance in response to inquiry and audits



Plus PRO

  • Advise and communicate change in annual costs to internal business unit stakeholders
  • Track dynamic/volatile claim experience to ensure adequacy of ongoing policy coverage
  • Better prepare for carrier negotiations and hold business units or locations accountable for risk and safety


  • Future Release

Apps Within The Insurance Management Solution


Ready to see how we can help simplify your risk, safety, and claims?


Is Your Insurance Management Proactive or Reactive?

Is Your Insurance Management Proactive or Reactive?

The ability to proactively answer questions about your insurance programs will not only increase your productivity but will lead to more strategic conversations with your broker. The challenge is in knowing where to start. It helps to recognize the problems with the most common tools used to manage insurance information, and what you need to do to change the conversation from reactive to proactive.

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Insurance Management Webinar


Insurance Management – Webinar

Do I have enough coverage for this new claim that came in? Do I have enough limits remaining on my aggregate or per occurrence to cover the potential settlement that was just agreed? Are we covering these locations properly?

Learn how a Risk Management Information System (RMIS) can help you proactively address these questions with this on-demand webinar.

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