Many cyber criminals are not as concerned as they once were with sneaking past your organization’s firewall to insert malware into computer systems. Instead, they are targeting employees directly with seemingly legitimate emails from trusted sources — from colleagues to outside advisors to family members.

Provided examples of spear-phishing attacks to illustrate how hackers may execute a breach, and how hackers can attack a company via its partners or vendors.

Key takeaways from the event:

  • Even an unlimited budget for information security will not eliminate your cyber risk.
  • Defending against cyber risk requires enterprise-wide commitment and diligence.
  • Major cyber breaches often start with spear-phishing attacks, so you need to educate employees about such attacks.
  • Your suppliers’, customers’, and partners’ cyber vulnerabilities may also me yours as they can unwittingly provide a back door into your organization.
  • Hackers are extremely adaptable, changing their tactics as their targets implement cyber defense processes.
  • Organizations can use threat intelligence to stay ahead of cyber-attackers.

The final panelist on the webcast was Tom Fuhrman, Cyber Security Consulting leader for Marsh Risk Consulting.

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