Client Success: City of Jacksonville

Mitchell Perin is the Financial Administrative Manager for the City of Jacksonville. He’s been with the city since 1978, when their self-insurance program was established. The City of Jacksonville has 10,000 employees and independent authorities who participate inside the self-insurance fund of liability and workers’ compensation. Each year they approximately handle 1,600 liability claims and 1,500 workers’ compensation claims.

Since Mitchell and his team handle a large number of claims, they work hard to find hidden seconds for their adjusters. Hidden seconds helps their adjusters do less non-value added tasks and focus more on what they do best: adjusting. Because of this, they are saving time and money each year. This is one of the reasons why they choose Marsh ClearSight. Marsh ClearSight has helped them identify and eliminate their pain points to gain more efficiency and effectiveness in their claims administration process. As a result, they have buy-in from their whole staff and constantly coming up with new ideas and recommendations to find additional hidden seconds.

“I’m very pleased to say that Marsh ClearSight helps us achieve a clear line of sight….they provide the progressive tools that we need to go forward and be successful…they are our family.”

Watch the video to see how Marsh ClearSight helped Mitchell and the City of Jacksonville, FL achieve the clearest line of sight to their risks and claims.