Claims Management App

Are you managing multiple carriers and TPAs, all on different systems?
Do you need a better overall picture of TPA and carrier performance?
Do you need better analytics and an easier way to generate reports?

Get a clear line of sight into your claims.

How it works.

Combine across TPAs and carriers via an easy spreadsheet upload or our automatic data services.

Improve data accuracy and validate your claims to improve data integrity.

Embed analytics into each claim record and provide insight across the claim lifecycle.

Monitor claim payments and reserves throughout the lifetime of a claim.

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How we help.

Many risk and claims professionals rely on carriers and TPAs to provide claims information. Now, you can easily manage multiple brokers and carriers even with a high frequency of claims.


Improve Process

Each carrier or TPA has its own way of processing claims, and you’re left with enormous amounts of data scattered across multiple systems. In addition, inconsistent formats make reporting time-consuming and frustrating.


Increase Visibility

Having your claims information In more than one location makes it difficult to view payment and reserve history, adjuster notes, and current claim status. How will you help your vendors and keep them accountable?


Mitigate Risk

Without a global view of your claims, your organization is at a distinct disadvantage — and you’re the one that needs to create reports. You need consolidated information and data accuracy to understand your risk.

Analytics embedded within your claims and in-app overview analysis gives you extraordinary insight into the entire lifecycle of your claims.

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