Client Success: Covenant Transportation Group, Inc.

As Director of Risk Management for Covenant Transportation Group, Inc., Marshall Rushworth is responsible for placing the majority of insurance policies and managing the 24/7 Incident Response Center (IRC). His role requires him to work very closely with his organization’s claims director and safety department heads around incidents to identify why they are happening and ways to prevent them from happening again. His key objective is to get all of their data into one place so that key stakeholders can collaborate around the same information and identify areas of opportunity.

“ClearSight has not just moved forward but leaped forward…taking advantage of what’s out there, trying to predict what our needs are…that’s why we’ve continued to stay as a client and I continue to tell other people I think it’s the best that’s out there…”

Watch the video to see how Marsh ClearSight helped Marshall and Covenant Transportation Group, Inc. achieve the clearest line of sight to their risks, safety and claims.