Paul Marushka’s 2015 Client Conference Keynote – Delivering Dynamic Risk Management

The theme of the 2015 Marsh ClearSight Client Conference was Delivering Dynamic Risk Management. Marsh ClearSight’s President Paul Marushka delivered the opening keynote address for the conference and provided insight into how the new the Marsh ClearSight platform was designed to provide clearer data, clearer analytics, and clearer collaboration.


The 2015 Marsh ClearSight Client Conference was a three day event dedicated to delivering dynamic risk management. This conference provided an opportunity for Marsh ClearSight clients to network with peers, learn from various industry experts, and get hands-on training from Marsh ClearSight experts in our Innovation Lab. The schedule included a variety of transformational workshops, round tables, sessions, and keynotes tailored to multiple industries, roles, and risk issues.

delivering dynamic risk management


2015 Client Conference – Paul Marushka Keynote from Marsh ClearSight on Vimeo.