Dynamic Risk Maps App

Do you have a full understanding of your risk ecosystem?
Are you able to provide executive level reporting to your senior leaders and board?
Have you identified your insurable and non-insurable risk?

Present easy to read assessments to your board and other key stakeholders.

How it works.

Identify a broad scope of corporate risks from a industry leading library of risk maps and loss models.

Map the frequency, severity and your organization’s exposure to both insurable and non-insurable risks.

Present easy-to-read assessments of your complete Risk profiles to your board of directors and senior leadership

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How we help.


Improve Identification

Identify a broad scope of risks including industry specific, general enterprise, and emerging risk issues.


Increase Protection

View and adjust how insurance can be applied to mitigate your identified risk.


Better Decision Making

Leverage your loss history and Marsh’s global aggregated data to create custom loss distributions for specific risk issues.


Building the optimal risk financing program is not possible without a complete understanding of a company’s risk ecosystem.

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