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Dynamic Risk Maps


Software that maps potential risks and the possible impact on the organization

Are you focusing on the right risks?

Identifying and understanding the impact of potential risks isn’t easy when new threats seem to pop up almost daily. Yet that’s exactly what risk managers are being pressured to do – and do well.

Visualize Your Risks

The Riskonnect Dynamic Risk Maps app helps you visualize, categorize, and score key organizational risks so you can prioritize a plan of action.

Identifies threats.

  • Identifies a broad scope of corporate risks – including industry-specific, general enterprise, and emerging issues – using Marsh’s industry-leading library of risk maps and loss models.
  • Provides a baseline view into the chief risks of your industry.
  • Allows risks to be added, removed, or marked critical.

Visually maps risks.

  • Maps the frequency, severity, and corporate exposure to both insurable and non-insurable risks.
  • Allows real-time modifications based on your own insurance strategy and experience.
  • Scores risks based on chosen criteria, such as anticipated frequency, severity, and volatility.

Understandable assessments.

  • Presents easy-to-understand graphic assessments of your complete risk profile for senior leadership and board of directors.
  • Keeps the focus on risks that are most critical to your organization.

Ready to see how Riskonnect can seamlessly manage your risk, safety, and claims?