Getting Started with Online Craps: Strategies for Craps Newbies

When playing craps online, players need to remember that more than anything, it’s a game of chance. While there’s no way for you to effectively guess the outcome of every game, what you can control however is the amount that you will be betting. How you can choose to get the bets spread when placing them will also have an impact on the odds of you winning. The key to coming out a winner with craps is to find out which bets have the best odds.

Since there are so many bets that you can make when playing the game, it helps to pay attention to the ones you should definitely avoid making. Among these are:

Craps Bet – They are usually placed by players in the hopes that your next roll will end up with a crap number of 12, 3 or 3. Bets of this type have a 7:1 payout, which sounds like a good deal if you win but the house edge is massively high at 11%.

Seven Bets – Often placed with the hopes that the shooter is going to end up rolling a 7 on the following throw, this bet only offers a measly 4:1 payout. With a house edge of 145, it is certainly not worth it.

Three or Eleven Bets –  Avoid this bet makes sense since despite having a 15:1 payout rate, the edge is also at 11%, virtually making it less likely for you to win with this wager on the table.

Horn bets- Making this bet means placing four different bets on numbers 12, 11, 3 and 2. The reason that this should be avoided is because the house advantage for these bets is at 12%.

Bets on C and E – This combination means placing a bet on the number eleven and on crap numbers 12, 3 or 2. The house edge for these bets is quite high that there’s a very low chance it will ever end up getting rolled. You will most likely just be wasting your funds when betting on this combination.

Always stay away from bets that will add to the house advantage. It will only adversely impact the possibilities of you winning. Instead focus your attention to those odds that are likely to improve your winning edge.

When you learn to compare the risk and benefits of every bet, it will be so much easier for you to figure out a strategy that might help you win more often when you play craps.

Do remember to set limits to how much you will be spending when playing the game too. Having a betting strategy is good and all but you must never underestimate how casino games can effectively engage you to the point where you might lose track of how much you have lost so far. Setting a limit to the amount you will be spending keeps you from spending way too much.