Providing you with the tools to gain the clearest picture of your unique risk ecosystem.

To manage risk effectively, you need a clear line of sight across the entire risk ecosystem. Marsh ClearSight provides you with the tools to gain the clearest picture of your unique ecosystem, allowing you to provide management with strategic insights, increase productivity and protect your company’s valuable reputation. With easy-to-use applications and unparalleled data, our platform enables you to identify trends, gain organizational insights, optimize decision-making through collaboration, and reduce the total cost of risk across the entire risk lifecycle.

What is your role?





How We Help

Our platform makes it easy for you to understand – and more importantly – easy to manage your risks.

Clearer Data


Aggregate your data across your risk ecosystem into a single platform to allow for real-time access and reporting.

Clearer Analytics


Uncover trends and discover the insights you need to simplify processes, save time, and most importantly, reduce your total cost of risk.

Clearer Workflow


Bring together all of your key stakeholders and collaborate around your critical issues when and where they happen.

What Makes Us Different?

Our View


We understand the complexities of the world you work in every day: cost pressures, siloed stakeholders, outdated processes and technology, multiple brokers and carriers – not to mention the unique culture and risks of your organization.

Our Software


In one intuitive place, you’ll gain risk, safety and claim insights like never before. Improved data integrity, advanced analytics, and industry benchmarking combined with real-time stakeholder collaboration gives you an extraordinary understanding of your risk profile.

Our Expertise


As the pioneer of RMIS, we know that reducing the total cost of risk not only requires industry leading software but industry leading expertise. The ClearSight One platform combines the latest technology and analytical capabilities with the broader data and industry expertise of the Marsh & McLennan Companies to help you obtain the insights you need to dynamically manage your risks.

Where Should I Start?

Now, you have options that give you the best view into your unique risk ecosystem – because having actionable intelligence will help you manage your risk into the future. Ask yourself these questions:


What are my risks?

Risk managers know that solving a problem begins with identifying the problem accurately. Unknown risks are hard to mitigate.


What do I do with my risks?

To make your company safe and productive, you must answer the question of what do I do with my risks? Retain, transfer, mitigate.


How can I better manage my risks?

Live and learn. Managing risk is less about managing claims, it is about managing your risk management as a whole.