Incident Intake App

Are you using complicated, paper-based forms or an outdated system to report incidents?
Do you receive incomplete reports, or worse, no reports at all?
Are employees afraid to report incidents for fear of being blamed or terminated?

Capture the right information at the right time.

How it works.

Foster a “safety-first” workplace and build trust with anonymous incident reporting.

Expedite intake with intuitive entry forms and web-based access for all parties involved.

Alert key stakeholders via automatic alerts and real-time access to incident data.

Improve accuracy and eliminate duplication with better data capture and external integration.

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How we help.

You need an accurate record of every incident that involves your employees and the public on every one of your properties. Now, capture the right information for all of your incidents.


Improve Process

 Combine cumbersome paper-based methods and outdated systems with the amount of information you need on an incident report and you have a process that few want to follow. And who can blame them?


Increase Visibility

 Complicated questions on incident reports leading to inaccurate, and most likely, missing information. Without all the information you need to process your incidents, you’re left feeling frustrated and with extra work.


Mitigate Risk

 Many organizations say they encourage safety, but their culture speaks otherwise. The most safety-conscious companies have systems in place that encourage reporting and reduce employee anxiety over repercussions.

See the number of your reports increase and the quality of the information you receive improve, giving you better insight into your entire intake program.

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