Incident Management App

Does it take a long time for employees to report an incident?
Do you find out about incidents that were never reported?
Does it take too long to get reports to the right people who can do something?

Get the visibility you need to manage your warning signs.

How it works.

Expedite intake with intuitive entry forms and web-based access for all parties involved.

Gain a single, integrated view of all safety information from multiple sources.

Alert key stakeholders via automatic alerts and real-time access to incident data.

Improve accuracy and eliminate duplication with better data capture and external integration .

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How we help.

 Some companies are playing to lose, waiting for a loss to happen before putting the right process in place to prevent it in the first place. This puts employee and public safety at risk, and the cost of that is just too great. Now, capture the right information for every one of your incidents.


Improve Process

Whether it takes a long time for employees to report an incident, or worse, they are not reporting at all, you’re at a disadvantage out of the gate. Safety-conscious companies have the right process for incident reporting.


Increase Visibility

Everyone is at risk when you don’t receive timely incident information, divisions are using different systems, and you have limited reporting capability. Each incident is a warning sign for future prevention.


Mitigate Risk

You receive reports, but how quickly do those reports get to the right people? Quick investigation, root cause determination, and timely correction action is critical to managing your risks.

Now, collaboration with key stakeholders around a single incident record or your whole system gives everyone involved a clear view of your incident management program.

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