New secure mobile apps for the enterprise increase the productivity of risk management operations.

If you’re a risk manager, you’re likely well aware of the consumerization of IT. Employees are bringing their mobile devices to work (BYOD) and increasingly rely on them to do their jobs. If uncontrolled, BYOD can introduce a number of risks, including network security risk, compliance risk, and data leak vulnerability, just to name a few.

At the same time, businesses are recognizing that mobile devices help drive down costs and improve employee productivity. This is particularly true for companies that have workforces in the field. As mobile apps become mainstream at home, employees feel more comfortable using them on the job, particularly apps that are easy to access and intuitive to use. Half the companies that participated in the Appcelerator Q3 2013 Enterprise Mobility Survey said they were planning to build applications for a private enterprise app store. Best practices are being developed for companies to control use of mobile apps within the enterprise and institute rigorous security measures, including strong authentication, encryption, and access privileges.

For risk managers, purpose-built mobile apps can significantly improve the productivity of risk assessment, audit, and incident management operations. Mobile devices with integrated cameras and GPS, paired with apps designed for them, are ideal tools for field personnel that need to capture and communicate pertinent data and images in real time. For example, our Marsh ClearSight Discovery™ mobile audit app utilizes the features of the Apple® iPad® to empower auditors and inspectors to record audit information anywhere, anytime. The interactive audit forms are highly intuitive and easy to use. Audit and inspection data is communicated in real time for accelerated processing and enhanced productivity. Marsh ClearSight Discovery incorporates several security features. To log in, the user must have the correct Client ID, User ID, and password. The User ID must have the correct location permissions assigned from Marsh ClearSight Enterprise to access those locations in Marsh ClearSight Discovery. The login data is retained until the user logs out of the app.

This summer Marsh ClearSight will introduce Marsh ClearSight Intake™, a new app for iPad® and Android™ tablets that enables users to report incidents and claims and attach related photos in real time. Because Marsh ClearSight Intake facilitates the capture of incident data, it encourages incident reporting.

It’s true that the BYOD phenomenon introduces risks that organizations need to plan for. And BYOD isn’t likely to go away (Gartner forecasts that by 2017, half of employers will require employees to bring their own devices for work purposes). Risk management operations that simultaneously embrace and control use of mobile devices take an important step toward transforming their workflows for better visibility into their Total Cost of Risk (TCOR).