Manage and Mitigate Risk with Data Discovery

insights from data discoveryIn today’s high-energy, data-rich business environment, everyone – regardless of role – is responsible for understanding and managing data. Risk managers, claims administrators, and safety managers are self-managing enormous amounts of data from multiple sources.

Gone are the days when data was managed solely within the IT group or with data analysts. Those who manage organizational risk need to generate more timely reports, with increased accuracy, detail, and more importantly, greater insight.

This explosion of available data calls for tools that are quick to learn and easy to use, yet provide a depth of analysis that stakeholders demand. With Data Discovery, users can search through complex information naturally and without limitations that traditional reporting and business intelligence tools are known for. Now, business users are no longer limited to pre-defined drill paths or preconfigured dashboards.

Our latest whitepaper, Insight is Everyone’s Job, explores how you can use Data Discovery to gain unprecedented and actionable insight into your risk.


    • Understand the difference between traditional reporting and Data Discovery, and how you can use each along your path to risk mitigation.
    • Use analysis to learn “what happened,” “why it happened,” and “what’s likely to happen.”
    • Get behind the numbers to uncover trends.
    • Uncover key considerations when selecting a Data Discovery tool.
    • Make the shift from a reporting culture to a collaborative culture.


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