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7 Steps to Successful Claims Management

Maybe you’ve updated your claims software, and streamlined key processes to be more productive, cut costs, and improve service. Great! Check that off your list, right? Well … not so fast. Successful claims management is a journey of continuous improvement, rather than...

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Client Success – Crown Holdings, Inc

Client Success - Crown Holdings, Inc. Crown Holdings, Inc. is the leader in metal packaging technology. Learn how Sandra M. DiRenzo, director of risk management, and her team use technology to simplify their job of managing risk and claims.

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Could Your Fleet Be Safer?

Do you know how many of your fleet accidents are caused by a fatigued driver? Do you know how many collisions happened in a particular intersection? Or how many workers’ compensation claims are associated with lifting in the confined space of a trailer? Vehicle...

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Marsh ClearSight Spring 2018 Release

The Marsh ClearSight Spring 2018 Release Marsh ClearSight Upgrade Adds Data Privacy, Picture-Based Lookup and More Marsh ClearSight’s Spring 2018 software release includes innovative new features for privacy, accessibility, and functionality for several...

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[E-Book] Exposure Management Reimagined

Exposure Management Reimagined Managing Exposures Has Changed – Are Old Habits Holding You Back? Chasing down values, keying in numbers, reformatting data are a painful part of the renewal process for anyone stuck using spreadsheets. Smart organizations have better...

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