The Right Questions to Ask of Your Insurance Management Program: How Technology Can Help You Get There

Insurance Management RMIS

Do I have enough coverage for this new claim that came in? Do I have enough limit remaining on my aggregate or per occurrence to cover the potential settlement that was just agreed? Are we covering these locations properly?

Maybe you rely on your broker or manually search through numerous spreadsheets/paper policies to answer these questions. Either way it’s a conundrum often faced by risk managers who may not have the right tools or the right resources in place to get the answers when and where they need them.

Learn how a Risk Management Information System (RMIS) can help you proactively address these questions. Join Marsh ClearSight expert Patrick Eslick, Product Owner of Risk Transfer and ERM Products, as he:

  • Highlights what is preventing risk managers from asking these questions on their own
  • Shows how you can overcome these challenges
  • Demonstrates how a RMIS can help change the conversation from reactive to proactive

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