Is Your Insurance Renewal Process Due For A Checkup?

Insurance Renewal Management

Is your renewal process efficient? How confident are you that your values are accurate? Is it time for a checkup?

Accurate collection of loss exposure data prior to renewal is critical to ensure you have the appropriate coverage in place in the event of a loss. Unfortunately, collecting and managing this information has been a painful and time consuming process. The problem is caused by the large volume of exposures, multiple exposure types, numerous individuals providing this information, and a small team to consolidate them. On top of this, this important data is being managed by a patch work of spreadsheets.

When you add in the fact that those spreadsheets must be individually customized, sent out by email, collected in a timely manner and consolidated prior to forwarding to the carrier, it’s clear the traditional method is difficult and challenging. It may be time to consider alternative methods to manage this process.

Is it time to give your process a checkup? Join Marsh ClearSight expert Joel Plofsky, Product Owner, as he discusses the symptoms for an ailing renewal process and how technology might be the right prescription for your organization to cure it.

The webinar will cover:

  • Historical View Into Insurance Renewals
  • Diagnosing Your Values Collection Process
  • Contributors to a Weak Values Collection Process
  • How Technology Can Treat Your Process


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