Welcome to the future of risk management! After a year of ideation, client business process discovery sessions, customer usability research, and hard work, we are excited to unveil Marsh ClearSight (alpha). We invented Marsh ClearSight to address a need that had been unmet by existing RMIS: an intuitive platform that brings together users, tools, and data for more efficient workflows and deeper insights. Our groundbreaking solution stands on three key pillars: a single, unified PLATFORM to bring all parties together across the risk, safety, and claims management ecosystems; built-in COLLABORATION tools to make business processes more efficient; and advanced ANALYTICS to unlock the value of customer and third party data.

The foundation of Marsh ClearSight is its revolutionary cloud-based PLATFORM. Device and browser agnostic, the Marsh ClearSight platform was built with a mobile first approach that enables users to be more productive, whether they are in the office or on site. On the platform are workflow-driven applications that give users the tools and metrics they need, when and where they need them. Applications have distinct, interrelated workflows based on specific business processes (depending on whether the user is a risk manager, broker, underwriter, safety inspector, claims adjuster, etc.). The applications are intuitive and promote sharing of data in real time with key stakeholders. Whether it’s data entry, advanced analytics, or evaluation of an organization’s TCOR, Marsh ClearSight makes it effortless to manage and make sense of data.

Within the Marsh ClearSight ecosystem, unprecedented in-app COLLABORATION features facilitate teamwork among stakeholders, both internal and external, for processes such as submissions, incident causal factor analysis, and claims adjudication. Working collaboratively, stakeholders can be more productive and achieve optimal results. In addition, community collaboration features enable sharing of best practices and industry trends to create a supportive risk management community.

Marsh ClearSight gives users a deeper understanding of their risk, claims, and safety data through a rich ANALYTICS feature set. Because analytics are integrated into every application, users are equipped to identify trends early on and make nimble, data-driven decisions. Additionally, Marsh ClearSight will aggregate our industry-leading claims and transactions databases with Marsh’s vast data set across multiple industries and specialties to deliver an unprecedented data resource for benchmarking and industry analysis.

Over the next several months, we will be providing much more information and insight into
Marsh ClearSight and how, by coalescing PLATFORM, COLLABORATION, and ANALYTICS, we are ushering in a new era of dynamic risk management! Please continue to watch this space for blogs from thought leaders at Marsh ClearSight. Also, be sure to visit beta.marshclearsight.com for more information about Marsh ClearSight.