Policy Management App

Does it take more than a few minutes to find your policy information?
Do you have to go to multiple brokers or carriers to retrieve your policy information?
Do you have limited insight into your premiums, upcoming expiring policies, and counter party risk?

Get a better way to manage your policies.

How it works.

Gain a global view into all of your policy information across broker and carrier relationships.

Easily search for policies and locate specific information within a policy record.

View a snapshot of your policies at any given time to determine How claims Are eroding them.

Understand your counterparty risk and view limits by carrier and by parent company.

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How we help.

Given the complexities and demands of today’s business environment, managing your policies can be hard work: multiple policies and carriers, different expiration dates, and complicated setups in different currencies. Say goodbye to your paper-based process and get a better way to manage your policies.


Improve Process

Paper-based methods make policy management difficult and time consuming to manage. Multiple attachments, relying on your broker, or searching through a file system for information is inefficient and costly.


Increase Visibility

Storing your policy information in more than one location, such as a file cabinet, with your broker(s), file system or spreadsheet puts you at a disadvantage: you’re left without a single view of all your policy information.


Mitigate Risk

Without a global view of your policies, you lack insight into critical information you require such as counter party risks, coverage gaps, and premiums to understand how your insurance is set up.

Better manage your time and gain immediate access to data and reports that provide meaningful insight into your complete policy portfolio.

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