Program Management App

Can you only perform analysis on a policy-by-policy basis?
Are your insurance program graphs tedious and painful to pull together?
Are you unable to answer simple questions about your insurance structures?

Choose a better way to manage your program.

How it works.

Gain on-demand access to your programs and free yourself from broker dependence.

Obtain a clear line of site into duplication, insurance gaps, and program performance.

Eliminate time-consuming efforts to obtain and consolidate program information.

Reduce your total cost of risk (TCOR) by working more efficiently.

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How we help.

Simplify the process for consolidating and managing individual policies into one cohesive program by period and business line, not just policy, to gain the clearest line of sight. Finally, there’s a better way to manage your program.


Improve Process

Dealing with multiple brokers and carriers, multiple business units, and complicated insurance structures makes viewing policy information at a program level difficult due to spreadsheet program limitations.


Increase Visibility

Without a global view, it may be difficult to answer these important questions: Who holds how much of my risk? At what cost? Is it enough coverage or is it too much coverage? How do my losses compare to how much I’m paying?


Mitigate Risk

You need high level analysis from different points of view to identify gaps and duplicate coverages. One-off programs graphs take a large work effort to pull together and once you have them, difficult to change if needed.

Now, create a better, more insightful insurance program and meet stakeholder demands for enhanced reporting and accountability.

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