The Retail, Wholesale, Food, and Beverage (RWFB) industry is challenged with changing and complex risks requiring real-time decisions. Margins, supply chain, and workforce issues compete with claims, fraud, and OSHA for the attention of risk professionals. Without a strategic solutions to these issues, RWFB organizations will struggle to effectively identify, mitigate, and manage risk. This may also impact a company’s ability to reduce their total cost of risk, protect the company brand, and increase employee productivity.

Marsh ClearSight helps Retail, Wholesale, Food, and Beverage customers optimize decisions across the entire risk lifecycle, reducing the total cost of risk by minimizing exposure to risk and enhancing operational excellence. Currently more than 20 Retail, Wholesale, Food, and Beverages customers are  utilizing Marsh ClearSight to reduce labor time by an average of 30% during the values collection process ahead of renewal.  This results in a 30% to 50% reduction in the time required to complete the values collection process.