Root Cause Analysis App

Do you have a system in place to perform root cause analysis on every incident?
Is an outdated process or system slowing down your analysis, causing you to miss vital information?
Do you know if the results from your current analysis process are complete and accurate?

Uncover the cause of the matter, starting today.

How it works.

Eliminate time-consuming efforts to obtain and consolidate information from other systems.

Eradicate silos created by outdated processes and gain a clear understanding of your future risk.

Identify trends across your cause data to understand why events happen and reduce future risk.

Create and assign root cause analyses directly from your claims, incidents, and occurrences.

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How we help.

High incident and claim volume, outdated paper processes, and too little information too late can have serious consequences on your bottom line and your reputation. Unless you get to the cause of an incident or claim, you may be missing trends that lead to higher claims and bigger costs for the company, and larger headaches for you.


Improve Process

Combine paper-based procedures and limited resources with a high incident volume and you have the recipe for non-compliance of your process. Better tools and a more intuitive method means greater compliance across the board.


Increase Visibility

A root cause analysis should be performed as soon as possible after an incident or loss occurs. Outdated systems and processes could mean missing vital information that’s key to uncovering the cause of the incident or claim.


Mitigate Risk

Without a single, manageable process in place, you’re not receiving the information you need to perform a true root cause analysis. Limited standards and multiple formats means your organization is at greater risk for loss.


Now, collaboration with key stakeholders around a single incident record or your whole system gives everyone involved a clear view of your incident management program.

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