Simple Solutions for a Safer Environment


Software to improve safety, reduce future incidents, and ultimately lower your total cost of risk.

Less time searching. More time solving.

Marsh ClearSight simplifies the job of managing safety so you can spend less time figuring out what the problem is and more time solving it.

Root Cause Analysis

 Up to the minute

Easy-to-use screens record incident data right at the source to get accurate, real-time information to those who can investigate, evaluate, and take action.


The single platform seamlessly integrates data from incidents, near misses, and safety hazards to give you a clear picture of your safety situation.


Preloaded protocols and automatic data transfers simplify safety compliance.


Flexible to fit you.

The Marsh ClearSight platform is modular so you can choose the applications that fit your needs today – and easily add more as your priorities grow and change.



Tracks and monitors every step of the audit process to ensure compliance, gauge ongoing progress, and evaluate results against past audit scores. More >


Incident Management

Seamlessly records incident data, notifies key stakeholders, and identifies why incidents are happening so you can quickly take action to prevent similar events. More >


Root Cause Analysis

Quickly uncovers and prioritizes underlying issues so that corrective actions can be taken to improve safety and reduce future risks. More >


OSHA Reporting

Uses incident and claim data already stored in the platform to help you stay on top of recordable incidents, meet reporting timelines to avoid fines, and quickly build critical reports.


Reporting & Analytics

Uses real-time data, powerful analytics, and intuitive report-design tools to help you make better decisions around safety. More >

Looking for a permanent fix to costly problems?

Get the what, why, where, when, and how of Root Cause Analysis with our complete RCA guide to help you start digging for deeper answers to get better results.

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Guide to Root Cause Analysis

We are able to pull information from several different carriers and TPAs, drill down into where our accidents are occurring, see what we can do to mitigate them, and ultimately, be more proactive instead of reactive.

Dena Abdallah, US Foods


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