Marsh ClearSight, a business unit of Marsh Inc. and the leading provider of risk and claims management technology, today announced the release of STARS Enterprise™ 12.2, the newest version of its award-winning, comprehensive claims administration and risk management platform. The upgraded version offers risk managers and claim administrators enhanced usability, improved visualization, and several new tools to help them manage risks and claims intelligently.

With STARS Enterprise™ 12.2, clients now have access to additional weather conditions such as rain and wind in Risk Goggles™, allowing them to see how these conditions are impacting their properties in real time. They also have the ability to attach photos directly to their risks in STARS Discovery™, Marsh ClearSight’s 2013 Business Insurance® Innovation Award winning iPad® application.

STARS Enterprise™ 12.2 also includes new “tabular values,” which leverage grid formatting for quick exposure intake and review. This allows users an easier way to collect exposure data such as payroll, employee counts and job class.

In addition, STARS Enterprise™ 12.2 expands its global claims administration solution to Australia, giving self-insured clients more tools to manage their workers’ compensation claims on a global basis.

“With STARS Enterprise™ 12.2, clients will experience extended product functionality with real-time information as well as an expanded scope of applicability in geographies such as Australia,” said Paul Marushka, Marsh ClearSight’ President and COO. “With this latest version of STARS Enterprise™, clients will be able to enhance the speed and quality of decisions in managing risks and claims with greater insights.”

STARS Enterprise™ 12.2 is seamlessly integrated with other solutions on the STARS Enterprise™ platform and is available standalone or combined with other features. Please contact Marsh ClearSight at for more information.

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