Insurers, third-party administrators, and organizations that self-administer insurance claims are continuously challenged to provide superior customer service while improving efficiency and reducing costs. To better address these needs, Marsh ClearSight, a subsidiary of Marsh Inc., and the leading provider of risk and claims management technology, today announced the release of STARS Enterprise™ 12, the newest version of its award-winning, comprehensive claims administration and risk management platform.

STARS Enterprise™ 12 includes 390 new features that streamline the claims adjusting process to deliver more relevant and useful information and to drive greater efficiency in claims operations. Among the new features are:

  • Role-based dashboards that enable claims adjusters to track all day-to-day claims activities, and supervisors to view and manage overall claims metrics and adjuster workload statistics, and assign claims to individual adjusters
  • The Marsh ClearSight Analytics Scorecard, which uses claim models to generate a score ─ from 1 to 10 ─ indicating the predicted severity and duration of each claim as it is reported
  • An updated set of benchmarking reports that enable users to compare their claims experience against more than 14 million claims by industry, geography, coverage, or other factors
  • Marsh ClearSight™ Discovery, a new mobile audit application that allows professional auditors and inspectors to record audit information during site visits and to take advantage of Apple® iPad® features, such as GPS and the iPad’s built-in camera, as they respond to audit questions
  • An expanded integrated disability module that helps clients implement and manage effective return to work strategies
  • A new Marsh ClearSight Policy Program heat map that allows users to monitor and identify key policy metrics such as erosion of limits and deductibles

“Optimized claims handing can be a significant differentiator for insurers and claims administrators—helping to contain overall claim costs while enhancing an organization’s customer service and brand,” said Janet Dell, managing director of product development for Marsh ClearSight. “The predictive analytics and workflow management features of STARS Enterprise™ 12 are designed to help insurers, third-party administrators, and others to manage their claims tasks more efficiently, contributing to a better claims experience for these organizations and their end customers.”

STARS Enterprise 12 is seamlessly integrated with other solutions on the STARS Enterprise™ platform and is available standalone or combined with other features.

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