Values Entry App

Does it take hours to consolidate your values?
Do you know how accurate your values are?
Do you have a large number of exposures and multiple exposure types?

Measure your exposures effectively.

How it works.

Collect and consolidate all values from numerous stakeholders around the world.

Track collection progress and automatically send reminders to collectors until the process is completed.

Analyze the changes in values and present data in a format that can be included in market submissions.

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How we help.

Take the pain out of your values collection by administering, tracking, and automating every step of the process from a single location.


Streamline Collection

Easily collect values with an intuitive survey style questionnaire and atomically consolidate them once they are submitted.



Improve Accuracy

Automatically validate values prior to submitting and provide users a standardized entry form for consistent data capture.


Better Completion Rates

Track which values have been submitted and automatically send reminders to collectors until they are completed.

Administer, track, and automate every step of the values collection process.

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