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Webinar – The Importance of Root Cause Analysis

The what, how, and why an event happened. The root cause analysis process is designed to help organizations define causes to past or future risk events, understand the causes of those risk events, and most importantly, prevent them from happening. In this short 8...

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Webinar – Beyond Incident Collection

Beyond Incident Collection: From Consolidation To Insights Through our experience and research, we find many organizations spend more time collecting and consolidating incident data than analyzing it. In this short 15 minute video, we will walk you through a typical...

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Webinar – Streamline Your Insurance Renewal Process

Is Your Insurance Renewal Process Due For A Checkup? Is your renewal process efficient? How confident are you that your values are accurate? Is it time for a checkup? Accurate collection of loss exposure data prior to renewal is critical to ensure you have the...

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Webinar – The First Step To Implementing ERM

Risk Register: The First Step To Implementing An Enterprise Risk Management Program Do you understand how your risks interrelate to each other? Do you feel confident that your risks are identified? Do you have a centralized way to manage your risk? Due to the growing...

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Webinar – Insurance Management

The Right Questions to Ask of Your Insurance Management Program: How Technology Can Help You Get ThereDo I have enough coverage for this new claim that came in? Do I have enough limit remaining on my aggregate or per occurrence to cover the potential settlement that...

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Webinar – Data Discovery

Data Discovery: Simple to use. More power than you can imagine. Get a clear line of sight into your claims with Data Discovery Traditional reporting and business intelligence tools make it difficult to find answers to simple questions about your claims because they...

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