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[E-Book] Exposure Management Reimagined

Exposure Management Reimagined Managing Exposures Has Changed – Are Old Habits Holding You Back? Chasing down values, keying in numbers, reformatting data are a painful part of the renewal process for anyone stuck using spreadsheets. Smart organizations have better...

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Guide – Get The Most From Your RMIS Demo

You’ve done your due diligence. You’ve scheduled the RMIS demo.   Now what? It’s never been easier to analyze risks, claims, and exposures in a cohesive, timely, and accurate way. But with dozens of vendors offering a dizzying array of applications and features, it...

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Guide – The Top 5 Risk Management Tools

The Top 5 Risk Management Tools Do you have the right tools for the job? Having the right tool makes any job easier, and managing risk is no exception. But too often companies get stuck “making do” with spreadsheets and other outdated tools because, well, that’s the...

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Guide – The Complete RMIS Guide

The Buyer's Guide to RMIS Learn why 82% of risk managers use a RMIS Whether you are considering purchasing a RMIS for the first time, replacing a homegrown system, or upgrading an outdated RMIS, this Guide will help you understand what a RMIS is, what it can do for...

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Guide – Enterprise Risk Management Success

There’s a growing need to move beyond insurable risk. Risk Managers feel pressure to identify and manage risks that are not covered by traditional insurance. Some have taken steps to build a comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system, while most have yet to...

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Guide – Spreadsheet Risk

Spreadsheets Might Be Your Biggest Risk Learn how 90% of spreadsheets contain errors Understand the friction spreadsheets are causing your organization and whether it's time to look into a RMIS (Risk Management Information System). What's covered in this whitepaper?...

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